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Contract Staffing – March News

Written by Peter Kulturides

In today’s job market, managers with hiring needs face numerous challenges. Companies are hiring for three types of workforce climates, remote, hybrid, and onsite. All three workforce climates come with their challenges as the public patiently awaits the covid-19 vaccine rollout. Companies that are hiring remotely, aiming to bring their workforce back into the office eventually, will face multiple challenges over the next year. As top talent demand increases, companies are competing with organizations allowing their workforce to work remotely. A CNBC poll shows that 1 in 4 professionals will be working from home in 2021. In 2025 in the post-pandemic climate, experts estimate that 84% of the workforce will be remote. What impact will that have on commercial real estate, technology, corporate culture, corporate travel, employee performance, etc.? The corporate culture has changed forever!

Recruiting for top talent has changed tremendously over the past 12 months. Attracting top talent while maintaining a strong corporate culture in a work-from-home world proves difficult. Companies experiencing success in this remote climate are actively engaged with their staff and are interacting heavily via video. This adds a new layer to the relationship. Managers and staff are seeing each other in their environments. Seeing each other’s spouses, kids, and pets add a new dynamic to the relationship.

The remote workforce is navigating learning innovative technology, having kids doing schoolwork from home, staying motivated and focused, all while continuing to meet performance standards necessary to execute their jobs properly. When companies are recruiting and trying to increase their culture in a remote or hybrid setting, interviewing professionals via video and asking questions that will elicit a good dialogue remains essential. When hiring remote or semi-remote professionals, hiring managers must be clear in conveying expectations, such as being on camera, organizational skills, meeting deadlines, communicating in video meetings, etc


Attracting talent in today’s market is all-encompassing. Selling an opportunity to a candidate is not just about selling the job. It is about selling the culture, the company, the opportunity, and the career path. This all relates to how the company manages its work environment currently and what it will look like in the next 12 months. Managers need to be supportive when working with a remote or semi-remote workforce.

Interviewing professionals is more complex than ever. There are some simple rules that you can follow to attract, hire, and retain professionals and advance the corporate culture.

  • Know what the selling points are of your company.
  • Before making an offer, have candidates attend a group video call with other team members to see the remote interaction.
  • Communicate what type of manager you are to work for.
  • Communicate what your expectations are for the role you are recruiting for.
  • Show the candidate what their career tack will be.
  • Communicate how the candidate will be supported working onsite, remote, or in a hybrid situation.

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Available Consultants

CFO Consultant

Bill Rate – $150.00/hour

This consultant has worked for Daley And Associates LLC for the past 2 years lending his expertise to companies that are in transition and companies looking to decrease their consulting spend but have the expertise
they are looking for. This consultant has a proven track record of success in the technology, hi-tech manufacturing, service space, and has worked with many P/E Firms on post-acquisition deals. 

  • Hands-on entrance controller through month-end close in financial statements
  • NetSuite implementation
  • Revenue recognition 605 and 606 expert
  • M&A analyst for due diligence on potential acquisitions
  • Interim CFO preparing company for sale
  • Audit prep, material weakness, consultant Post-acquisition accounting and finance integration project manager.

Interim Controller CPA

Bill Rate – $110.00/hour

This professional spent four years in public accounting with a national firm with a primary client base in service, technology, and hi-tech manufacturing. This professional has been able to assist companies that are going
through transition by coming in and being hands-on.

  • Strong manufacturing accounting and reporting
  • Hands-on technical accounting through month-end close and financial statements
  • Expert with implementing standard operating procedures
  • Fluid understanding of revenue wreck 606
  • Expert knowledge of great plains dynamic, NetSuite, oracle are 12, and SAP financials

Senior Accountant Consultant

Bill Rate – $70.00/hour

This professional has seven-plus years of experience orchestrating a technical month-end, quarter-end, and year-end close.

  • Great Plains Dynamics and report writer technical expert
  • Hands-on general ledger account through month and close in financial statements
  • Expert with Excel, Pivot tables, macros, and SQL
  • Audit prep point of contact for audit schedules
  • Expert in creating standard operating procedures (SOP) Moving a 14 day close down to six days.

Coordination between all departments within accounting at month-end quarter round in your own close.

Accounts Payable Accountant

Bill Rate – $43.50/hour

This professional is a strong A/P Accountant coming out of a hi-volume A/P environment. This professional has excellent experience through month-end close for accounts payable. 

  • Process full-cycle High Volume A/P
  • Reconcile A/P to the G/L at month-end
  • Responsible for other G/L reconciliations at month-end
  • Reconcile Bank Statements Manage the fixed Asset process
  • Strong Timberline, Yardi, Excel, and Great Plains experience

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