Why choose Daley and Associates
for your staffing needs?

Daley and Associates has established successful client relationships and trust over years of reliable and dependable service. Our deep understanding of the industries we serve comes from decades of experience working with Fortune 100 clients. We take the time to know our clients’ needs, interests, and their unique company culture to ensure every candidate who is presented is a perfect match for the position. Our team consists of award-winning executives, accomplished senior management, and exceptional recruiting professionals. 

Hear Why Employers Trust Us:

Daley And Associates has placed a significant number of key personnel at our firm. Our position needs have been quite narrow in terms of experience requirements and skill sets but Daley And Associates has consistently introduced us to qualified top talent matching those needs. We have received nothing but timely and diligent service from them.

Paul Costantino

Costantino Richards Rizzo, LLP.

I choose to use D&A for our staffing needs despite being located a few states away in NJ for a few reasons. Primarily – they find the best candidates. They understand your needs, and they know where to find what you are looking for. Not only 1 great candidate, but multiple – to the point where you are contemplating hiring more than you set out to given the level of talent being coming across your desk. During the process, you feel as though you have an army of recruiters hunting for top talent to fill your position. Regardless of where your business is located or where you are hiring, Daley & Associates will not disappoint.

John Masini

Premier Medical Systems, LLC.

We love working with Marty at Daley & Associates. Marty takes the time to really understand our needs and only sends candidates that fit our profile but also share an excitement for the role and company. Marty is always quick to help and keep us updated with candidate feedback. We appreciate Marty’s partnership!

Craig Cerretani

SVP Longfellow Benefits – Gallagher Benefits

Our Areas of Service

Whether your hiring needs are c-suite, staff level, or any level in-between, we can help you find quality talent!

Employer and job seeker shaking hands after a meeting interview

Our executive search team is dedicated to making direct placements simple and only present you with candidates that will be worth your time. Our placements have changed businesses and advanced careers.

Successful business group meeting in office

Contract staffing is a very active and forward-thinking solution for both a job seeker and employers looking to employ temporary resources. We offer our contract solutions across all of our specialty areas and work to place professionals at all experience levels.

Business group meeting

Retained Search

We work effectively on a retained basis to perform specific searches for corporate officers and senior executive positions. We continue to be hired as consultants for recruiting for the most specialized jobs.

Our reputation for providing knowledgeable advice, prompt service, and consistently delivering outstanding talent keeps bringing employers back to Daley and Associates for all their recruiting and staffing needs.

Let us show you what we can do for your company!