Why are Top Accounting and Finance Candidates So Hard to Find?

accounting and other financial positions.  Increasingly, however, firms throughout Boston and the Northeast are discovering that outstanding candidates for accounting and finance positions are tough to find.

Why are top accounting and finance professionals so hard to find, and how can your firm improve its odds?  Consider the following information:

  1. Financial professionals need a panoply of skills.

Gone are the days in which an accountant, controller, or CFO could sit comfortably in his or her office and crunch the numbers.  Today, accounting and financial staff are expected to play a key role in the growth of a financial firm by not only analyzing and generating data, but also interpreting it and recommending solutions based on it to every department.

This change in the role of accountants and CFOs means that top candidates for these positions need superb analytical skills – but that superb analytical skills alone are no longer enough.  Top candidates must also possess a range of “soft skills” including communication, team management, and conflict resolution.

  1. Education has been slow to catch up.

The best financial candidates have more than the bare skills required to earn a bachelor’s degree.  Many have gone on to do graduate work, as well as to earn the certifications and designations required to their jobs.  Although communication and management skills have become a “must” for financial professionals, however, most financial-education programs in colleges and universities still focus on the data.  This means that a top education alone isn’t enough; companies seeking the best candidates must look for those with managerial experience and a holistic understanding of the company and its needs, in addition to those with a solid educational foundation.

  1. Finding the right candidate may mean reaching further.

Because top accounting and finance professionals can be difficult to find, your company’s search may need to reach further than the basic job posting, resume collection, and interview rounds.  Working with a recruiter who specializes in placing financial talent offers a number of benefits.  With a keen understanding of your organization’s needs, your staffing partner can recommend candidates who offer a good “fit” both professionally and personally.  Your recruiter also has access to a pool of “passive candidates” who are already working in financial positions, but who would be willing to switch jobs if the right offer appeared.

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