Who, What, When: 3 Reasons You Should Attend the Daley And Associates Client Appreciation Event

Aside from wanting to show gratitude to our clients and candidates, the Daley And Associates Client Appreciation Event is a chance for us to do what we do best: create opportunities to introduce exceptional talent to exceptional companies.
While networking events may seem dime a dozen, the Daley And Associates Client Appreciation Event is different because it not only puts you in the right place at the right time, it puts you in with the right people.

THE WHO: Nothing is worse than going to a networking event that completely misses the mark on the demographic that you’re trying to tap into. Because Daley And Associates has four distinct divisions (Accounting & Finance, Information Technology, Legal, Administration) we get people together that are relevant to one another, and can meaningfully contribute to one another’s careers. You don’t need another business card that you’ll never use.

THE WHAT: Again, this isn’t your average networking event – this is what we do. Because we are a search and staffing firm, this event will consist of people who are genuinely interested in either enhancing their companies or furthering their careers. While it can often be uncomfortable to pursue a lead or opportunity when you’re unsure of whether it is even a viable lead or opportunity; by attending the Daley And Associates Client Appreciation Event we are starting the conversation for you.

THE WHEN: While some may believe that productivity is at a stand-still in the summer months – the lack of hustle and bustle in the office may provide you with some much needed time to regroup. The Inc. Magazine article, “10 Ways to Be More Productive in the Summer” discusses the benefits of reevaluating your personal and professional goals in the summertime. As the article points out, without the commotion of year-end stress that piles on during the fall and winter months, you are able to dedicate serious thought and consideration to where you are professionally. By attending the Daley And Associates Client Appreciation Event, you may jump-start or revamp some new goals for the summer.

If you’re still not convinced, please click here to learn more about this incredible networking event. We hope to see you there!