Top Financial iPad Apps for This Fall

When the iPad launched with its tagline “there’s an app for that,” app designers flocked in droves to offer tools for everything from tracking exercise to managing personal and professional budgets.  Now that the dust has settled, a handful of apps have floated to the top as the top financial iPad apps for fall 2013.  Consider adding one or more of these to your device to help you tackle your financial responsibilities more efficiently.

  1. iBank for iPad ($14.99)

Although its price is a bit higher than most apps, iBank for iPad delivers with one of the strongest financial-management suites out there.  Its fully-featured interface allows users to track a vast array of financial accounts and transactions – not just savings and checking, but also credit accounts, loans, mortgages, and investments.  Transactions can be downloaded from their connected accounts at various financial institutions worldwide, categorized, and reconciled.  The app even allows users to work in multiple currencies and to sync data from iBank 4 for Mac.

  1. Money by Jumsoft for iPad ($4.99)

This comprehensive app allows users to take in account balances, payments, and scheduled transactions at a glance.  Like iBank, Money can be connected to a wide range of account types, and users can set up cash accounts.  The app supports split transactions and allows transactions to be categorized in multiple ways.  Budget periods and reports are customizable, and the app syncs with Money for Mac.

  1. MoneyWiz for iPad ($4.99)

MoneyWiz’s most distinctive feature is its expertly-detailed financial reports and its bar graphs that give budget category information at a glance.  Its other features include a financial calendar, the ability to scan receipts and attach them to transactions, support for account reconciliation and multiple currencies, and the ability to download, import, and sync data from multiple financial institutions in various formats.

  1. Pocket Expense for iPad (Free)

While not as powerful as other apps, Pocket Expense is a streamlined tool for tracking basic financial accounts and maintaining a financial calendar for bill-paying.  The app also shows the totals for current and overdue bills, supports partial payments, and allows for the creation of budgets.  Data can be backed up and restored via a wifi connection.

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