Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Executive Search Partner

When a key financial executive leaves your company, crisis and opportunity descend simultaneously.  You need someone confident and capable to take the position, and you have the chance to fill the opening with a top candidate.  But how do you find the right person to take the reins?

Working with your staffing partner can greatly improve your chances of finding an executive with the right mix of skills, experience, goals, and work ethic to push your company forward.  Make sure you choose the right staffing firm for your needs by asking your executive search partner these five questions:

1.       How will your firm get to know my company’s needs and culture?

When it comes to filling a financial executive position, one size never fits all.  You need a candidate who works well in your organization’s culture and whose background and abilities complement your organization’s goals.  Ask your staffing partner how they plan to identify your company’s specific needs and corporate culture in order to ensure the best fit.

2.       How well does your firm understand executive financial positions and functions?

It is difficult for any recruiter to evaluate candidates in a field the recruiter knows little about – and finance is no exception.  Make sure your executive search partner understands the qualifications needed for financial professionals and evaluates candidates accordingly.

3.       How well does your firm know the players in the financial career field – both the big names and the rising stars?  How do you focus on extending your relationships in this field?

One of the main reasons many companies work with an executive search firm is to gain access to the firm’s network within the financial industry.  This network should be both broad and deep, and the search firm should be committed to cultivating and adding new relationships.

4.       What is the firm’s search process, and how do you ensure it stays organized and on track?

Every recruiting firm has a search process for finding top candidates.  The best search firms use a process that focuses on a client’s specific needs, identifies and screens candidates to fit those specific needs, and regularly updates the client on progress made. Review your executive search firm’s process before you begin to make sure you are comfortable with it and can provide the information your recruiter needs for success.

5.       How does the firm strive for a positive experience that reflects well on our organization?

Like other service-centered organizations, executive search firms strive to please their clients – the companies whose open positions they attempt to fill with the highest-quality candidates.  Discuss with your recruiter what your expectations are for the process and what your “ideal” and “acceptable” results look like.

At Daley and Associates, our executive staffing partners focus on your company’s specific needs and goals to find the top talent you need for an open financial position.  If you are looking for executive recruiters in Boston MA, contact us today.

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