Top 3 Android Apps for Live Stocks

Following stocks feels like a roller coaster ride at times.  Market trends, analyst commentary, the arrival of certain holidays or deadlines, news on competitor behavior, and even the weather can send a stock’s price soaring or crashing – sometimes more than once within the same day.

Many financial professionals find themselves needing to follow the progress of one or more stocks.  But staying glued to a desktop computer screen can be difficult during the course of a busy workday.  The better you can follow a stock’s progress, the better decisions you can make.  Android offers a range of apps for following a stock’s progress in real time.  Many are inexpensive but powerful tools for helping financial professionals understand the market better.

Top Android apps for live stocks include:

Economy ($3.99; iOS, Android)

Economy, an app available for both iOS and Android platforms, offers a detailed view-at-a-glance of key factors of the U.S. economy, including the option to follow stocks in real time and regularly-updated values for economic indicators like manufacturing and trade deficits.  The app also grants access to Twitter support via the #economy hashtag and allows users to download and store data for use offline – a particularly useful tool for financial professionals who want access to recent information while aboard an airplane or in another location where online access is not an option. Mobile App (Free; iOS, Android, Blackberry) offers an app that makes it easy to access all of the site’s resources in one mobile-friendly format.  Among other features, the app provides detailed quotes, up-to-date market information, opinions from various experts, and a quick-search option to take you directly to the stocks that interest you most.  Its menu system allows for user-friendly, simple navigation within the app.

E*Trade Mobile (Free; iOS, Android)

Another app that condenses the information available on a top trading adviser website, E*Trade Mobile allows users to access free independent research for stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds.  Various charts and EMA/SMA technical indicators provide additional information about key market trends.  The app also allows E*Trade clients to access their accounts, deposit checks, make cash transfers, and place trades either by using the touch screen or the voice-access option.

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