The New Tech Boom: Making the Most of the Moment

The high-tech industry has gone through a patch since the dot-com collapse at the turn of the new century. But a recent proliferation of job opportunities suggests that, to borrow a phrase from popular culture, it’s time “party like its 1999.”

Economic growth in the United States as a whole may still be stagnant and it may be easy for high-tech workers to become discouraged as they read economic reports. It’s important to differentiate the overall economic picture from that specifically in technology. For the first time since ’99, it’s a job seekers’ market.

Companies are finding themselves with increased needs for high-tech employees and positions, yet those jobs remain open for months at a time as they look for qualified talent to fill the niche. Those job seekers who step out and test the market are finding success. A recent article in USA Today related the story of one couple—both tech workers–who decided to relocate from San Francisco to Atlanta and not only got multiple job offers to pick from, but they wrapped everything up in a period of four months. The same story also debunks the notion that the hiring boom is only targeted at recent college graduates. While the opportunities are certainly there for young people, 40-year old Scott Mersey noted he was offered employment at places from New York to San Diego.

It’s also important to understand that the Northeast has not missed out on the new tech boom. The “innovative economy” that Massachusetts prides itself on is being “the rising tide that lifts all boats”, to paraphrase John F. Kennedy, a Bay State techie 1960-style.

What does all this mean for the job seeker in the Northeast? It means that the main challenge faced is not simply finding employment, but finding the right fit for their particular talents. Daley & Associates can help. With our diverse clientele, we match the prospect to the company. We go beyond simply “filling the position” or “landing someone a job”. We make the right fit that enables lasting professional relationships to be built. Contact us today and let Daley & Associates make sure you reap full benefit of the New Tech Boom.

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