The LinkedIn Connection


In an age of digital dominance, an updated social media profile has never been more important when it comes to landing your new job.  According to LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner, the world has about 600 million “knowledge workers” (the professional class that spends its workday in front of a computer) and of these people, he says, more than half currently have a LinkedIn profile.  At the November Techonomy conference, Weiner spoke to the goals of the world’s largest professional network by stating that he wants to get every one of the world’s 3 billion workers and every company, a number he puts at 70 million, on LinkedIn.  In this process, he hopes to find everyone a job.  Is this goal attainable? Who’s to say; but here are some of the reasons why we think LinkedIn is among the most beneficial tools for recruiting qualified professionals.

Strong Profiles Stand Out

Gone are the days of the traditional resume and cover letter.  LinkedIn is a powerful platform to showcase your professional brand by uploading content such as photos, videos, and presentations, all of which are very impressive and an added bonus to recruiters and employers.  It is important for job seekers to join professional groups, follow influencers, and to publish their own content to their profiles to stand out among the competition.

Reinforces Job Documentation

A strong LinkedIn-Resume connection is very important to validate a job-seeker’s information.  Having this material on a public network gives a sense of validation to recruiters and employers. Another great advantage for qualified candidates is to have past managers endorse your skills and experience. This adds great depth to a profile and authenticates an individual’s work.

Latest Industry News

It is essential to stay up-to-date on the latest industry news and trends.  LinkedIn provides a professional and trusted environment for influential industry leaders to share their knowledge and provide powerful statistics and survey data. Industry groups are a great forum for like-minded professionals to share and expand their knowledge, while providing a one-stop place for recruiters and employers to look for specific candidates.

Always Connected

Network. Network. Network. Developing and expanding one’s professional network and connections is an on-going process. By building relationships, both virtually and face-to-face, people will keep you and/or your company top of mind and make referrals and recommendations.  LinkedIn provides this interactive contact list for all current and future endeavors.

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