The Benefits of Seasonal Tax Work

Despite the greening of the grass, blooming of flowers, and increasingly warmer days, the spring season is greeted with dread by many Americans because it signifies the arrival of tax season. It’s the time of year when a portion of the fruits of their labor are sent off to the U.S. government, despite their best efforts to gather up all relevant receipts, statements, and other key documents.

For accounting professionals, however, “tax time” couldn’t be more welcome, as it provides a tremendous opportunity to bolster their own incomes, while helping hard-working Americans hang onto more of theirs. Tax preparation companies hire legions of seasonal workers to prepare income tax returns each spring. H&R Block alone hires 80,000 tax professionals for the key January through April time frame. Other seasonal opportunities abound in tax offices, the Internal Revenue Service, and online companies like Intuit, which hires advisors to assist people with TurboTax.

Seasonal tax preparation jobs boast a number of benefits. Not only do they provide earning potential, they may also open the door to a more permanent accounting or finance job. Seasonal positions are also appealing because they often involve non-traditional hours. For those individuals who have the flexibility to work days, weekends, or evenings, such positions are ideal. And for those people who look to tax season as a time to moonlight in order to earn extra money, they frequently need to work hours outside of the traditional nine to five schedule. That makes seasonal tax jobs the ideal complement to their “day job.”

While tax season provides a multitude of job prospects for those with accounting/tax preparation credentials, there are also a number of positions available to those with little or no formal training in a finance field. While some classes are available for free, others charge a nominal fee. While completion of these courses doesn’t guarantee the graduate a job, they do help prepare interested individuals for seasonal tax work.

Other seasonal tax-related jobs don’t require any specialized tax experience or training at all. These include data entry and administrative positions.

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