Straight From The Recruiter’s Mouth: 6 Tips To Ace Your Next Interview

We all know interviewing can be stressful, especially now that soft skills are often times just as important as technical skills and experience. It’s not uncommon for candidates who meet all the job requirements on paper to be passed over for someone who might have less experience but who had better interview skills. Knowing this, I asked our expert recruiting team here at Daley and Associates to share some of their best interview secrets. Here’s what they said:

  1. Do your homework on yourself

It is extremely important to go over your career history and your achievements in each role you’ve had. Reviewing all your previous accomplishments will prepare you to provide concrete examples of how you contributed to the success of your current or past employer, therefore demonstrating to your interviewer how you will add value to their company.

  1. Do your homework on the company

Learn as much as you can about the company, its history, and its work culture as possible. This includes researching your interviewer (s) and familiarizing yourself with their backgrounds; you never know they may have a similar background or career path as yourself, which could provide a common ground for better conversation.

  1. Do NOT speak badly of your current or former employers

Speaking negatively about your previous employer only reflects badly on you, not your former company. Presenting a positive attitude about your past company demonstrates that you are grateful for the opportunity (however big or small) that it gave you and that you will not speak negatively about the company you are interviewing at if you ultimately end up working there.

  1. Answer all questions to the point

Clear concise answers are best. This will show that you are well prepared and confident with your answers. Avoid long rambling answers. This can sometimes cause you to appear unprepared, nervous, or unable to answer the question.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask the same questions to each interviewer

If you are interviewing with multiple people within the company it’s okay to ask them each the same questions. Doing this will not make you come off as repetitive, but rather that you are interested in each person’s personal experience at the company. In most cases, the answers will vary from person to person and will end up give you a better feel for the company’s environment.

  1. Do NOT answer questions with a simple “yes” or “no”

This is your chance to sell yourself! Answer each question with specific examples that answer where, when, what, how, and why. Citing examples paints a clearer picture of you work and of how you would fit into the company.


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