Revive a Slowing IT Job Search in Boston

If you’ve been hunting for the right job for a while, your job search may be showing signs of fatigue. Often, when the job search lingers, we find ourselves attempting the same steps over and over again – checking the job ads, sending resumes and cover letters, and hoping for the best – without recognizing that the routine itself may be the reason the job search has taken so long.

Job hunting can be hard work, especially for IT professionals looking for work in a competitive field.  If you’re looking for a way to breathe new life into a slowing job search, consider the following tips:


It’s easy to fire off your resume in response to every job ad that even vaguely involves IT work, especially when you’re frustrated by a slow job search.  But the “quantity over quality” method is unlikely to improve your chances of finding a job – much less a job you love that fits your skills.

Deepen your job search instead of broadening it.  Take some time to picture the job you truly want.  What do you do every day?  What are your hours like?  Do you work primarily alone, or on a team? How much communication do you have with non-IT staff, and of what kinds?  By focusing on what you want, you’ll prepare yourself to identify the best jobs for your career path.

Network creatively.

By the time the job hunt starts to slow, most job-seekers have already reached out to their professional contacts.  But most job-hunters have networks that extend far beyond the work world.  Reach out to friends, family members, and those who share your hobbies or volunteer activities as well as to your professional contacts.  Often, good leads come from unexpected sources.

While you’re reaching out, consider participating on one or more social media sites in order to expand your network.  LinkedIn excels at connecting professionals with the top jobs, companies, and recruiters in their respective industries.  As the only social media site aimed specifically at professional networking, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to connect with fellow IT professionals and share your knowledge while also demonstrating your commitment to your field.

Talk to a recruiter.

Staffing firms specialize in understanding the local job market and in connecting strong candidates to the best jobs available in their particular industry and location.  When you work with a recruiter, you’ll get a partner with an extensive network and years of experience in your industry.  Not only will your recruiters help you find job opportunities, they’ll also help you polish your resume and prepare to shine during interviews.

At Daley and Associates, our Boston-based recruiters help place talented professionals in jobs throughout the Northeast.  If you are looking for executive employment in Boston, contact our team today.

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