Perfect Your LinkedIn Profile

With over 467 million registered users and a presence in over 200 countries and territories, LinkedIn has become one of the most popular networking sites for professionals and job seekers (About LinkedIn). With such a large user base and reach, it’s essential to create a profile that will set you apart from the crowd. We’ve gathered some expert guidelines to follow that will help make your LinkedIn profile stand out.

  1. Use a good LinkedIn profile photo

According to LinkedIn, having a photo can result in up to 21 times more profiles views. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to hire a photographer to take professional headshots of you, but simply choose a photo that looks professional; i.e. stand in front of a solid or simple background and make sure dress professionally.

  1. Use a descriptive title

Using a descriptive title that includes keywords can increase your profile views and the likelihood of your profile coming up in recruiters’ searches. For example, don’t simply use your current job title (i.e. Recruiter), but use your title as a chance to market yourself to potential employers (i.e. Nationally Recognized Recruiting Professional – Executive Recruiter at “name of current company”).

  1. Have a summary that highlights your career achievements and successes

When highlighting your successes, make sure to use specific stats and/or numbers to quantify your achievements. The same rule should be applied when writing the descriptions for each position you have held.

  1. Be an active LinkedIn user

It isn’t enough to merely have a great profile on LinkedIn, you must also be an active participant within your network. This means sharing news articles, posting updates, publishing your own articles or blog posts, and “liking” other users’ posts or updates. Staying active on LinkedIn gives you more visibility within your network and increases your follower base.

  1. Join and participate in groups

Make sure to join groups based on your industry, discipline, or location. This will help you make new connections within you job industry and thus grow your professional network and reach.


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