Keep Financial Employees Motivated This Summer

The summer season presents unique challenges for employers, especially when it comes to keeping employees motivated.  When kids are home from school, the weather is beautiful, and vacations are drawing near, it’s easy for workers to lose focus.

If your organization needs to keep it employees motivated this summer, consider employing these tools:

  • Communication.  Frequent communication with employees is key to keeping them engaged and motivated.  Consider scheduling weekly update sessions at which employees can report on their progress and ask questions.  Knowing they must check in weekly can prompt employees to work efficiently and to complete tasks in a timely matter, maintaining a steady rate of productivity.
  • Mobile technology.  Today’s world is more interconnected than ever before, and communications technology reaches more places than it ever has.  Use this connectivity to enhance communication and make access easy.  Supervisors who are out of the office or on vacation during summer can use cell phones or Internet connections to ensure employees can reach them if their help is essential, which gives workers a sense of security that leads to motivation.
  • Scheduling.  A clear schedule offers multiple benefits.  It clarifies each employee’s contribution to a task or project, it creates pacing that prevents crises, and it spurs productivity. To-do lists with regular goalposts and deadlines can also increase motivation by breaking large projects into focused tasks.  Make progress visible to encourage employees to keep pursuing the organization’s goals.
  • Planning ahead.  Vacation schedules can confuse and disrupt an organization’s regular functions, especially if vacations are badly planned or no arrangements are made to accommodate the temporary loss of an everyday member of an office’s team.  Plan vacations carefully, and engage with employees in the weeks before vacations to help them manage their deadlines around their time off.
  • Knowing when to flex.  Allowing employees the chance to work outdoors, to telecommute, or to take other opportunities to get away from the office while still producing quality work can improve employee motivation during the summer months.

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