Is Apply With Profile on LinkedIn the New Jobseeker’s Best Weapon

LinkedIn, the popular professional networking site, is making a strong move toward even greater relevance for job seekers and companies looking for top personnel. LinkedIn has added an option where a job seeker can apply for job with one click of a button—“Apply With Profile.” What are the implications for this in the job market?

The Internet is abuzz with commentary on all facets of LinkedIn’s new innovation. Will it wipe out other job boards such as or CareerBuilder? It’s undeniable that the new option through LinkedIn has tremendous appeal to the job seeker. No longer does one have to go through countless online forms to get a resume submitted. One click will do the trick. For companies, not only do they get an expanded pool of candidates, but the ability to see a more complete profile.

With every innovation and benefit comes a downside and the negative to this one is instantly clear. An easier way of applying means companies will receive more unqualified resumes—which in turn means lost time sorting through the load of applications, which in turn means qualified candidates have less a chance of getting their message through. As unwieldy as the application process can be on a conventional job board, it does reward the determined job seeker, a natural winnowing out process which works to the benefit of both company and prospective employee. Therefore, while LinkedIn has made a valuable contribution to the hiring process, it’s doubtful this will become a panacea for all problems related to looking for work and finding qualified talent.

Daley & Associates fills the gaps that raw volume alone can’t fill. For a company, one highly qualified applicant is better than fifty unqualified ones. For a candidate, one right job is better than fifty where the fit doesn’t work. There’s a lot of truth to the notion that the job search is a “numbers game”, but at the end of the day the only number that matters is “1”. That’s how many good applicants it takes to fill a job. That’s how many resumes need to be sent out to find the right niche. Daley & Associates, with its personal understanding of the needs and assets of its client firms and candidates can get you to “1” more efficiently. Contact us to learn how we can help you.

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