Interview Questions Revealing All

Interviewing candidates may be part and parcel of doing their job, but few hiring managers actually look forward to the process. Oftentimes, that’s because the interview can be misleading, resulting in a poor fit and high turnover. Let’s face it: Some people are great candidates and outshine all the rest in an interview, only to fall flat on their face once they are on the job.

Fortunately, this high rate of failure can be avoided by simply asking the right questions. A hiring manager should select questions that get at the person behind the resume, revealing not only their skills and experiences, but their motivations and drive. In other words, what makes them tick – and how will that impact your company – positively or negatively – should you choose to bring them onboard.

While many interview questions will have to be tailored to the specific job, company, or industry, there are a number of questions that serve to reveal a wealth of insight into a candidate in virtually any situation. Here are a few examples:

  • What Do You Know About This Company? While conventional wisdom holds that an applicant is familiar with the company to which they are applying, sadly this is often not the case. Particularly in this age of high unemployment, job seekers are casting a wide net, looking for any job that will help them pay the bills. By asking them to tell you about the company, you will be able to weed out those candidates who are merely looking for a job. You will then be better positioned to hire someone who is the best fit for your company.
  • If You Could Start Your Career Over Again, What Would You Do Differently? Few seasoned professionals have no regrets and while focusing on them might make for an uncomfortable interview, it can be extremely valuable to find out whether the person you may be hiring is even in the right profession. If you are interviewing for a sales position, but a candidate tells you they wished they had pursued their dream of becoming an orchestral conductor, you can bet their heart won’t really be in it when they are interacting with your customers.
  • Would You Hire Yourself? All too often, hiring managers pose the overused question, “Why should I hire you?” Frankly, it’s a tired, worn-out question which is largely useless. Any savvy candidate has rehearsed their answer many times. That’s not to suggest they will deceive you with their response. However, it can be far more telling to ask a job seeker if they would hire themselves – and why.

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