Increase Your Productivity With These Simple Steps


We may start off the year strong with our goals and performance, but how do we keep that momentum last? One of the biggest factors to your workplace productivity is being able to take control of your time. Getting rid of distractions and keeping your focus is key, but what can we do to increase our productivity each and every day? Here are some simple, yet operative ways you can create the most efficient office environment to maximize your performance.

Plan it Out

Take 15 minutes at the start of each day to organize and plan out your day. Although it’s virtually impossible to stay on schedule the entire day, having a structured plan will help you stay on track and prioritize your work. It’s also helpful to keep a mental note and track how long you spend on certain tasks. Not only does this time tracking help organize your time and projects, but sometimes just knowing the clock’s ticking is a motivating factor in itself.

Time Chunk

Shift your project focus between tasks to keep yourself most engaged and achieving your best results.  Staying on one project for too long can lead to boredom and disengagement.  Studies have found that one way for employees to de-stress and increase their focus is by completing “busywork”.  By adding in time chunks of busywork throughout the day, including tasks such as organizing and cleaning your email/inbox, it gives you a feeling of accomplishment and motivation without the stress of the more challenging tasks at hand.

Give Yourself a Break

Leave your desk for lunch. Go on an afternoon coffee break.  Whatever it may be, make sure you leave your desk throughout the day.  You will come back with a renewed sense of energy to conquer the remaining half of the day.  Also, try to get in a bit of exercise mid-day, whether it’s a quick walk around the building or a trip to the gym, this increases both your performance and energy. A third type of effective break is the social escape. We all know social media can be a distracting tool, but if you assign yourself set times to search the web throughout the day, it can increase productivity, focus, and keep you connected to industry news.

Set Up Your Desk

Add items to your desk to tie in your personal life.  Whether it’s in the form of pictures, artwork, plants, these personal items can provoke both creativity and motivation.  Although it has been said that clutter can foster imagination and streamline your thoughts, it doesn’t necessarily help you to focus. So clean that desk, and make room for only the necessities.

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