How to Reach Out to Your Dream Financial Company

The old career advice “Aim for the moon; if you miss, you’ll hit the stars” is apt when it comes to making a deliberate career move.  If you’re planning to switch employers or if you find yourself on the job market involuntarily, you may be in an ideal position to reach out to your dream employer.

Contacting your dream employer before they contact you demonstrates that you’re genuinely interested in working for the company.  It also positions you for consideration if a position in the organization is open, but not yet advertised to the public.  These advantages increase your chances of landing the job you’re looking for.

How can you reach out to your dream financial company?  Consider the following tips:

  • Start now.  Contacting your dream company even when you are not actively looking for a new job lets you start from a position of strength.  You can talk about your current work and how you believe it will benefit your specific dream employer.  Reaching out even when you’re employed elsewhere also communicates that you’re not looking for “just any” job; you want to work with this employer.
  • Use social media.  As the only social media site specifically geared toward professionals, LinkedIn offers great opportunities to learn more about your dream company and to reach out to individuals who work there: not only hiring managers, but also employees with whom you have things in common, like an alma mater, hobby, or professional organization.  Use these as “conversation starters” to approach these individuals online and learn more about the company.
  • Conduct informational interviews.  Talking to people at the financial company you’re pursuing can help you learn more about its daily operations, its mission and culture, and its needs.  You can use this information to target your approach, positioning yourself as the ideal candidate.
  • Talk to your recruiter.  Staffing firms that specialize in placing financial talent have developed relationships with the leading financial firms in their region.  They can often introduce you to hiring managers at your dream firm and help you make a great first impression.

At Daley and Associates, our experienced Boston-based recruiters can help you find your dream job and reach out to the employers you’ve always wanted to work for.  If you are looking for executive financial recruiters in Boston, contact our team today.

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