Hire Top Talent Before They Become Stars

Looking to hire a “star” employee? Of course, you are! Deep down, that’s every employer’s dream for star employees tend to outperform everyone around them. So even if you have to pay them more, you still end up getting so much work and ingenuity out of them, it turns out to be a wise investment in the end. 

The problem lies in attracting star employees when you don’t necessarily have a dream job to offer them. After all, star employees are in demand and can basically write their own ticket. They don’t have to take just any old job offer. They can pick and choose and wait for the right opportunity to show up on their door step.

The secret lies in hiring those people who don’t yet know they are stars. Sound difficult? It can be, but there are a few tips you can follow to help you determine who has what it takes to someday be the kind of employee you have to worry about your competitors poaching. 

  1. Recruit Mediocrity – On the surface, that may sound counterintuitive, but experience has shown that mediocre students often have a sixth sense about what really matters in life. Sure, they may not have been motivated by the prospect of impressing their professors and racking up stellar grades, but when it comes to earning a decent salary, they are generally ready to kick it into high gear.
  2. Seek the Well-Read – A well-developed interest in reading – anything, everything! – displays a natural curiosity and level of engagement. It doesn’t really matter if they read comic books, romance novels, or Guitar Player magazine, the important thing is that they read.
  3. Test them Out – Before hiring someone, have them take the Myers-Briggs test. You will gain incredible insight into how they will perform on the job by finding out if they are an introvert or extrovert, etc. This can be particularly helpful if you are looking to hire a natural born leader.
  4. Become Their Mentor – New to the workforce, college grads often feel lost because the real world is different from what they have envisioned. They need someone to guide them and help them feel their way through new territory. Show them from the beginning that you have a true interest in their career development and they just may blossom into a star, even if they are stuck in a decidedly non-dream job for the time beginning.
  5. Pile on the Responsibilities – From their first day on the job, give your potential future superstar a massive amount of responsibility. See how they respond. If they dive in headfirst without asking questions or balking at the enormous amount of work before them, chances are they will fail. Once they have fallen on their face, do they look to try again? If so, you probably make a good choice. Most people who are destined for greatness consider their own failures a tremendous learning experience.

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