Get Outta Town!

If you’ve found yourself looking for an out-of-state job, you are not alone. The tough economy has prompted many individuals to expand their job search outside of their immediate geographic area. If hiring seems to have dried up in your area, you have little choice but to go where the jobs are. Then again, you may looking for an out-of-state job for an entirely different reason. Perhaps your spouse found a new job there. Or you may simply prefer a warmer – or colder – climate. Whatever the reason, chances are you have some questions about how best to go about applying for an out-of-state position. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

1)      Will They Take Me Seriously? — Job seekers are often concerned that hiring managers will dismiss an out-of-state resume out-of-hand. While employers may be inclined to consider local candidates for entry-level jobs, they typically expect to receive resumes from out-of-state candidates for management positions.

2)      Should I Try to Appear Local? – Some job search experts advise out-of-state candidates to use a local mailing address (that of a friend or family member) on their cover letter and resume. That tactic can be perceived as dishonest, however, and may prove problematic if an employer calls up, seeking to schedule an interview the next day. It’s better to be honest and use your current address. Be sure to state in your cover letter that you are planning – not hoping – to move to the area soon.

 3)      Can Networking Help Me Find An Out-of-State Job? – While it’s easy to assume that networking is only helpful in a local job market, nothing could be further from the truth in this virtual age. These days, networking can be accomplished simply by telling all your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook contacts about your plans. You never know, one of them may be able to aid you in your quest.

4)      Who Will Pay for My Relocation? – If you are willing and able to pay for your own relocation, state so in your cover letter. Your willingness to foot the bill for your own move may give you a competitive edge. If you expect your potential employer to provide relocation assistance, however, be prepared to negotiate. Gone are the days of extensive relocation packages, so chances are you will be left to fend for yourself unless you’re being hired for an executive level position.

An out-of-state job search can be a challenge, but it certainly can be done successfully. Just stay focused, utilize your online networks, and stress the fact that you are soon to be a resident of the area.

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