From Seasonal to Permanent

So the holidays are here and you’ve managed to snag a seasonal job. Congratulations! But don’t automatically assume you’ll be sent packing once the band has finished playing “Auld Lang Syne.” While seasonal gigs typically last only a few weeks, you could parlay your yuletide employment into a permanent position – if you play your cards right.

Here are a few tips that may help you make the transition from seasonal to year-round:

 1-     Be Punctual – It may seem like the most obvious advice in the world, but it can’t be stressed enough. Show up to your seasonal job on time every time. In fact, be early whenever you can. You never know when a holiday rush might strike or another employee may simply not show up.Holiday workers can be flighty, but you demonstrate yourself to be reliable, you will stand out as the kind of employee the company would benefit from hanging onto for the long haul.

2-     Be Flexible – Perhaps the most valued attribute of a seasonal employee is their willingness to roll with the flow. Make yourself available as much as you can. Day shifts, night shifts, be open to them all. And if your boss calls up, asking you to swap hours with another employee – or take on an extra shift, be sure to accept. There’s nothing more desirable than an agreeable employee.

3-     Be Cheerful – Depending on your outlook, working during the holidays is either a dream come true or Hell on earth. Some people thrive on the holiday cheer and end up being a pleasure to work with. Others grumble their way through every minute and make the whole experience miserable for co-workers and customers alike. Remember all the good things about the season, including the fact that you have a job, and let that good cheer come through in your attitude. Smile and strive to please everyone you come in contact with.

4-     Be Ambitious – Working holiday shifts can be exhausting. Sometimes, it’s all you can do to finish your shift, then go home and collapse. While you are still on the job, however, be sure to always go the extra mile. Look for ways you can help the business run smoother. Volunteer to mop the slushy, snowy floor. Offer to assist customers with packages. Politely tell your boss the sidewalk needs a little salt – and then ask if he would like you to take care of it. 

Seasonal employment is a great way to earn some extra money during the holidays, but it can also be a means of getting your foot in the door. If your goal is to turn a seasonal job into a permanent position, aim high and always give your best. Put in extra hours, be flexible, be friendly, and go the extra mile. Make yourself invaluable and you just may find yourself being asked to stay on after the holidays.

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