Find the Best Talent – Now!

Finding top talent isn’t as easy as putting up a job ad and seeing who bites.  Star talent is difficult to find and in high demand – especially in the financial industry, where the stakes are just as high.

Working with a recruiter is one way to improve the quality of the candidates you turn up during a hiring search.  A higher-quality candidate pool contains more top performers, giving you a greater range of options and a higher chance of finding someone who not only performs well, but who fits with the culture, values, and goals of your company.

How do you choose a recruiter who can bring in the talented candidates you need?  Consider the following tips:

  • Know what you want.  A written job description for the position your organization must fill provides a solid start for knowing what skills, experience, and abilities your top talent needs.  The more you know about the kind of talent you need to fill the position, the more you can tell your recruiter – and the better-equipped your recruiter will be to find precisely the top talent you’re looking for.
  • Find a recruiter who knows the industry knowledge.  Recruiters who know the industry know what kinds of skills are required in top positions, what candidates are available, and where the competition for their abilities is most fierce.  They know how to navigate the challenges successfully in order to maximize the opportunity for connection between your firm and top talent.
  • Make sure your recruiter does their homework – and do yours.  Your recruiter can help save you time and effort by sorting through candidates before they are presented to you, ensuring a better fit from everyone in the candidate pool.  Once you have your options, however, you’re more likely to find the best candidate if you do thorough background research on your organization’s end.
  • Be prepared to move promptly.  Drawing out the hiring process risks losing top candidates to other job offers – including those offered by direct competitors.  Keep your own hiring process moving, and inform candidates promptly if you plan to make an offer or if they are out of consideration.

The staffing experts at Daley and Associates can help your organization find the top financial talent it needs to thrive in a competitive industry.  If you are looking for recruiters in Boston MA, contact us today.


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