Financial Interviewing Advice | Are You Ready to Hire?

The economy may be improving, but there are still lots of people looking for jobs. An increasing number of fresh college grads are gravitating toward financial careers due to the plethora of opportunities and the excellent pay.

That leaves employers with a glut of candidates for every financial opening. Your goal must always be to hire the best person for the job. That doesn’t just mean the one with the best resume or the most impressive job history, but the person who possesses the drive to succeed in your organization, and is it culturally the best fit.

When approaching an interview, don’t simply spew a list of static questions. Use the opportunity to really get to know the candidate. Strive to move beyond their polished exterior into the real person underneath the business suit. Here are a few tips to accomplish that goal:

1) Be Prepared – Don’t wait until the candidate is sitting across the desk to begin looking over their resume. Carefully review each interviewee’s resume well in advance of their appointment and prepare a customized list of questions based on their past jobs and experience.

2) Pause and Listen – Don’t race through your questions. Rather pause and wait to see if the candidate takes the opportunity to share additional information. Silence typically compels people to talk, so don’t be afraid to let a little awkward pause linger. Chances are the candidate will take that time to provide additional insights into their personal experiences or persona.

3) Don’t Waste Time – Avoid the temptation to ask questions like, ‘What are your greatest strengths?’ or conversely, ‘What are your greatest weaknesses?’ Such questions are a waste of time and do little to elicit any kind of real insights into what the candidate has to offer. Get right to the meat and begin asking deep probing questions right off the bat. The candidate will have no choice but to share the kind of information that will better position you to make a smart hiring decision.

4) Assess the Candidate Thoroughly – Following an interview, compile a set of post-interview notes. Don’t rely on your memory. After just a handful of interviews, all the candidates will begin to blend together and you will find yourself asking whether it was Dylan or Robert that shared that stunning insight about annual audits. Be sure to jot down your impressions of the candidate’s non-verbal performance as well. Were they nervous? Did they fidget a lot or have a hard time maintaining eye contact? Such notes will serve as an invaluable aid when the time comes to make a hiring decision.

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