How to Engage Your Clients and Grow Your Business


As a leader in staffing, our main objective is to engage out clients and candidates (no brainer). We all know this is what we have to do, but it is HOW we do it that distinguishes and grows our businesses. Last week, our team attended Bullhorn’s, respectively titled, ‘Engage 2015’ conference. For three days, over 500 staffing, recruiting, and sales professionals gathered in Boston to learn “best practices, expert insights, and new innovations that help you to better engage your clients and win more business”.

We listened to several presentations and panels consisting of industry leaders that sparked discussions on where the industry is at, where it’s headed, and how to connect and leverage business relationships.  The competitiveness of the recruiting industry comes with higher expectations.  In this relationship-driven business, the key to successful and long-lasting connections is the investments you put into them. A keynote from Ryan Estis, a business performance and growth consultant, emphasized that this is the era of the customer. Our customers are move savvy, sophisticated, informed, and have more buying options than ever before. What does this mean for us?  In order to thrive in this market, we need to develop our brand identity and focus on our client/candidate engagement.

Estis provided three key pieces of information on how companies can work to create this engagement and create their opportunity to win. The first piece to this puzzle is providing your clients compelling insight and teaching them what they don’t know about themselves, their employees, and their industry; be the resource center. Estis stressed the fact that your clients care more about their business and growth than about your “legacy pitch” so it’s important to form that business partnership from the start. Second, you must deliver customization and cater your services to your client’s specific wants/needs. Find out where there is room for growth and change, and provide a customizable method to achieve this. The third piece to this engagement approach is creating a sense of urgency and an absolute need to your client. Why must they work with you and why now? Successful companies are ahead of their clients in terms of anticipating industry and market trends and where they can step in to grow performance and profitability. Estis concluded that relationships precede financial results; if you put your people firm, financial pay off will follow.