Driving Financial Employee Engagement

Engagement has become the HR buzzword of the decade. Everywhere you turn, there are journal articles on the definition of engagement, the importance of engagement, and most critically, creating engagement among the workforce.

While it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the hype, employee engagement really is a critical component. Engaged employees are more likely to “give it their all” and turn in the kind of superior performance that will enable the company to be more successful and profitable.  Conversely, un-engaged employees are more likely to find ways to justify spending half their day looking up old high school buddies on Facebook, hanging around the water cooler, and turning in substandard work.

According to a study by MSW Research and Dale Carnegie Training, just 29 percent of U.S.-based workers are fully engaged. Nearly as many (26 percent) are fully dis-engaged from their jobs.

How can you ensure your employees land in the former, rather than the latter, category? While cultivating an engaged workforce may sound like a daunting task, there are several basic steps you can take to get your financial workplace workers in the right direction:

1) Examine the Employee-Employer Relationship: Engagement begins with the relationship an employee has with his or her boss. A great boss can mean the difference between an office full of go-getters and an office full of slackers. After all, how many people credit their ultimate success to having a truly inspiring leader, a boss who led with his or her whole heart, and who motivated workers to come along the path to success? Millennials, in particular, have indicated they are looking for a boss who will take them under their wing and mentor them. Look for managers who connect with their direct reports and demonstrate strong leadership skills

2) Make Communication a Priority – It’s difficult for employees to get behind what their company is trying to accomplish if they have been kept in the dark about the organization’s goals.  If you want your workers to be engaged, you must keep them in the loop as much as possible. Communicate regularly about the company’s ongoing progress toward meeting its goals and let employees know how their efforts contribute to the organization’s ability to inch closer to those goals. Mark milestones and recognize those employees who have gone above and beyond.

3) Put Your Money Where Employees’ Hearts Lie – More than ever before, workers want to work for companies whose values reflect their own.  If their passion is making a difference in the community – whether through Habitat for Humanity, Teach for America, or United Way – they want their employer to lend their support to that organization as well.  This passion runs so deep that a recent survey by Bain & Co. showed 30 percent of workers would be willing to take a pay cut to work for a more globally-conscience, sustainable company.

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