Do You Have a Mobile Strategy As a CFO?

In today’s increasingly-connected world, most CFOs have developed a plan or strategy to keep employees connected via mobile devices.  Smartphones, laptops, and tablets are ubiquitous in the business world, and few CFOs or other financial professionals are disconnected merely because they are away from their desks.

However, not all CFOs have considered the other half of the mobile-strategy equation: how they plan to bring their company’s services into the world of mobile devices.

Internet banking has exploded in recent years, with some financial institutions operating entirely online.  Even small-town credit unions frequently offer smartphone and tablet apps so that customers can easily log in, check their balances, transfer funds, and make online bill payments.  Investment firms and financial planners also offer mobile access as a way to help current clients and gain new ones.

A mobile strategy can be as simple as building a customer-friendly website or app or as complex as maintaining an active online presence via several social media channels simultaneously.  Websites, social media channels, and apps may be customized to collect location- and preference-specific data as well as performing many of the traditional functions of advertising and marketing materials.

Other ways in which the mobile revolution can be leveraged to promote and support your business include:

  • Integrating “smart” technology into products to allow them to share data with the manufacturer or seller.
  • Re-targeting or online advertising technologies that integrate customer data to show the information that is most appealing or useful to that particular user.
  • Support for mobile payments or account management via a customer-focused website, smartphone, or corporate credit card account.
  • Unified Communications systems to integrate and streamline all corporate communications, at both the individual and company-wide levels.
  • Access to round the clock customer support with a live human, through multiple channels and formats that allow the customer to pick the one that feels most comfortable: voice, email, text message, videoconferencing, or other means.
  • Brand-supporting apps that integrate games or useful tools, making them appealing to customers – but which are only available to your “people” as a reward for their loyalty and engagement.

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