Did They Go to the Best Financial School in the World?

Anytime you set out to hire someone, your goal is to identify the best candidate for the job. Accordingly, you look at skills and past experiences. You may contact their references and review any work they’ve had published in the requisite journals. Among the key considerations for many employers is where potential new hires received their training – that is, where they went to school.

When hiring someone for a financial position, you are frequently dealing with those who have earned an MBA degree. But what schools should you be looking for? And is it really preferable to hire someone who studied at one of the nation’s most prestigious business schools? Will they really bring that much more to the table than someone who earned their degree at a less revered institution? Or is it more a matter of what the individual makes of it?

Here’s a look at several of the highest ranked business schools:

1) Wharton School of Business – Recognized for its innovative teaching methods, Wharton possesses the largest and most cited faculty, along with a wide range of programs and resources.

2) University of Chicago Graduate School of Business – Known for its analytic and quantitative focus, the University of Chicago places 80 percent of its business school graduates in finance and consulting   jobs.

3) Yale School of Management – The Yale name alone carries a certain cache, but if you are looking for specifically what a Yale School of Management graduate brings to your business, it’s generally recognized as an  emphasis on teamwork. Yale provides its students with an outstanding learning experience through small classes and rigorous coursework.

4) Columbia Business School – Known for its strong emphasis on finance and international management, Columbia produces graduates with much strength.

5) Tepper School of Business – Tepper’s programs emphasize general management, but this business school offers a number of specializations including finance, entrepreneurship, operations management, and  information technology.

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