Conducting a Job Search in Limited Time – With GREAT Results!

Finding a job is an incredibly important endeavor. People are often told it’s their full-time vocation when they are unemployed. But spending 40 hours searching job listings, emailing resumes, and sitting through interviews is exhausting and tedious at best. It can also be demoralizing as you log more hours and more with little or no return.

If you are still employed at your old job or working part time to make ends meet until you land that dream job, it can be virtually impossible to dedicate 40 hours a week to a job search. Fortunately, new thought leadership has abandoned the notion of the full-time job search. Experts now estimate you need only spend a fraction of that time on job search activities. What’s more, studies have shown that a limited-time job search may actually be more successful. Here are some tips for ramping up your job search in as little as 15 minutes a day!

  • Prepare in Advance – Every savvy job seeker knows you can’t send the same cover letter or even the same resume to every company on your list. The secret lies in customizing for each specific position. That doesn’t mean you can’t put the “bones” together ahead of time, however. Face it: There are certain facets of your cover letter and resume that stay exactly the same from opportunity to opportunity. So take a little time and put together a basic template which can then be filled in with more specific information as particular opportunities arise. It will save you oodles of time in the long run.
  • Embrace Social Media – No longer is social media only useful for posting photos of the new baby, the trip to Honolulu or what you ate for lunch. An increasing number of employers and search firms have now recognized social media as a great place to network – and to find qualified candidates. Be sure to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date and don’t be afraid to post updates on your current endeavors or future goals. Peruse the job listings and make a point to follow any companies you may wish to work for. Let your contacts know you are looking. Even if they aren’t hiring, they may know someone who is. Twitter is also a great place to kick off your job search. Again, be sure to follow any desirable companies, along with major players at those organizations. Watch for trends in discussions. They could tip you off to something you will be asked about in your next job interview.
  • Customize Your Search – Here’s an effective means of “searching” for a job in a limited amount of time.  Set up Craigslist RSS feeds and Google alerts, along with job boards on Indeed and LinkedIn to send you notifications whenever new job opportunities are posted at specific companies, in certain regions or in particular industries. Taking just a few minutes to set up these searches will save you an enormous amount of time in the long run, as you will no longer need to search these job boards every day. Notifications will automatically arrive in your inbox, allowing you to be more efficient in your search.

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