Legal Project, Contract Staffing, Project, Class Action Law Suit

Issue: One of the largest insurance providers in the United States was involved as a defendant in a multi-carrier insurance class action law suit. They were faced with the decision of whether to outsource complete legal representation to a world renowned law firm (which would have been very costly), or to develop a plan where they outsourced a portion of the work to specialized project professionals, and kept the more remedial research and administrative tasks in-house under corporate counsel guidance.

Approach: Instead of outsourcing complete legal representation to a major law firm, the company reached out to Daley And Associates to see if we could help them source the project professionals needed to handle a class action law suit. We worked with the in-house counsel to identify the necessary legal professionals and the amount of time required to bring on the resources. We provided the project team with a wide range of professionals including attorneys, paralegals and legal secretaries. The size of the legal team increased during specific deadline driven periods and decreased as external groups processed information. The project spanned two years from our initial contact with the company to the settlement of the law suit.

Result: Our client and the other named defendants settled the class action suit with a mutually beneficial outcome for all parties involved. Our client achieved their desired outcome by limiting the expense of the suit through the effective management of both internal and external resources. Several of our project professionals were ultimately hired full-time within their in-house legal department.