Information Technology, Executive Search, Software Engineer

Issue: In this case, our client was an international trading firm headquartered overseas who had become very successful in generating returns for their investors that were 2x to 3x the returns produced by investing in the S&P. The firm had been developing proprietary software to use in its trading because there had never been software developed to trade the products our client specialized in. The firm was at a crossroads in the architecture and development of the product and did not know which course to pursue. The firm reached out to us to identify and hire a software engineer who could take their development efforts to the next level.

Approach: In development, many companies typically hire several contractors with specific skill sets and engage the different contractors at different phases of the project. However, after an in-depth discussion with our client’s Senior Management, it was determined that a full-time permanent hire was needed. We then conducted a worldwide search for the perfect candidate and eventually found someone in Silicon Valley, California. Our recruiters worked to evaluate the candidate’s skills and educate the candidate on this unique opportunity.

Result: Daley And Associates introduced the candidate to our client and the placement was made. The complexity of this search is noteworthy because our client was outside of the United States and our candidate was not currently seeking a job and located in California. There were also many logistical difficulties required for the move such as locating a residence for our candidate and establishing immediate residency in a short amount of time to take advantages of tax incentives offered by the local government. Since the placement, the Software Engineer has made great progress in developing the product and has made a positive and visible impact on the company.