Information Technology, Contract Staffing, Project, ERP Project Manager

Issue: A brand-name publicly traded consumer services company was spinning off from their publicly traded parent company. The new publicly traded company needed to have a stand-alone ERP prior to the spin-out. This project involved multiple global operations and needed to be achieved within an extremely tight time frame. The failure of this project could damage the executive officers’ reputation in the Wall Street community and have a severe negative impact on shareholder value; this was a high stakes high rewards endeavor.

Approach: We identified a qualified candidate to serve as the Project Manager for the ERP implementation. We worked collaboratively with the company, and our Project Manager to identify the professionals needed throughout the project, and continued to support them with additional contractors on an as needed basis. Our immediate focus was to create a plan that would allow us to achieve the project goals within the limited time frame we were given. First, we identified the most critical aspects of the ERP implementation to ensure functionality post-spinoff. We then worked with the parent company to ensure a fallback plan, should something unforeseen occur that would interfere with our execution of the project.

Result: The ERP Implementation went off flawlessly. Our Project Manager ensured that it was completed on time and within budget.