Information Technology, Contract Staffing, Interim, Help Desk

Issue: One of the largest retailers in the world had been aggressively expanding its retail operations in the United States. As a result of the amount of new online stores the company had established, the company’s technology support team was spread very thin. Our client’s help desk was overwhelmed with issues that ranged from simple training difficulties, to very complex software and networking complications. Because of this, the company’s store personnel were unable to provide the same level of service that customers had become accustomed to. The interruption of quality forced the executive officers of the corporation to take action.

Approach: Daley And Associates was contacted to provide interim resources. After we met with the company, we got a firm grasp of the underlying and repeated issues that seemed to come from the field. We tapped into our vast IT network to identify interim professionals. We were searching for candidates who had extensive knowledge in supporting retail operations and the networks and software used by the company.

Result: The company engaged several of the recommended professionals to assist over an extended period of time until the various issues had been resolved. Our Client’s customer satisfaction rate improved immediately and the employees in the field now had more time to thoroughly train the onsite managers and staff. The company ultimately hired nearly all of the interim professionals for fulltime permanent positions.