Accounting and Finance, Executive Search, Hedge fund Controller

Issue: A major start-up hedge fund in Boston was trying to find a qualified controller who had a mix of Big 4 public accounting and hedge fund experience. In addition to experience qualifications, the firm also had very strict specifications as to the type of candidate profile they were looking for; having the candidate fit into the corporate culture and structure of the firm was a must.

Approach: The company reached out to us and we created a team of recruiters that were dedicated to finding the right candidate for this firm. It was the priority of the management team to make sure that everyone working on this search understood exactly what the client was looking for. The Daley recruiters produced three highly qualified candidates to begin the interview process.

Result: Our client ultimately hired one of the three Daley candidates that were presented. The candidate still works as the Controller at firm and the firm’s management has reached out to us on multiple occasions to let us know that she has been an excellent addition to their team. Our client described this hire as a “home-run.”