Accounting and Finance, Contract Staffing, Interim, 3 Analysts

Issue: One of the largest healthcare operations in the Northeast had a finance team that was experiencing complications as a result of unforeseen employee issues. These complications interrupted the teams operations and arose at year end presenting a huge issue for our client as that is the most hectic time of year for finance teams. Our client needed 3 seasoned financial analysts who could step into day-to-day functional analyst positions. They were to assist the company through year end and buy the client time to find fulltime employees once the year end crunch had passed.

Approach: The Daley And Associates Contract Staffing team worked with the manager to identify the daily functional responsibilities and requisite skills required for each position. Inside 24 hours Daley And Associates identified and met qualified analysts; all three start times were confirmed by the end of the day.

Result: Our Client was able to meet the seasonal demands with very little interruption of service. Following the year-end demand, our client offered permanent positions to all three interim analysts.