Building a Relationship with the Right Financial Recruiter

When looking to change jobs, a savvy financial recruiter can be your best ally. It’s crucial that you align yourself with the right person, in order to maximize your job search efforts. The typical recruiter brings their expertise to bear on your behalf by tapping their vast network and spending literally hours each day on the phone. They make their money by finding the right candidates for their client companies.

Before you begin searching for the recruiter that best matches your needs, you need to ask yourself if you are really serious about wanting to change jobs. No recruiter wants to spend dozens of hours going to bat for a talented individual, only to have them turn down a primo offer in the end. In fact, chances are a recruiter will refuse to ever work on your behalf again, should you pull that kind of trick.

Once you’ve determined that you are not merely having a bad day or an off quarter, you should begin identifying recruiters who specialize in financial placement. Reach out to those who seem like they might be a good match, making sure to clearly articulate your qualifications. Follow up with a comprehensive resume, along with a cover letter designed to allow the recruiter to easily scan your qualifications to determine if you are the right match for any opportunities that may arise.

Once you’ve decided on a specific recruiter, let them know right away if you have recently applied for any positions. It will give them an idea of what kind of opportunities you are seeking. Also be sure to honestly explain any “red flag” issues that may otherwise ruin your chances with a particular company. The recruiter may have contacts at that employer that he can contact on your behalf.

If your recruiter arranges an interview for you, be sure to debrief them afterwards so they will know what issues were discussed, and generally how the session went. The recruiter will touch base with the employer as well and find out what they thought of you. That just may give them the opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings. Even if there’s no chance you will be extended an offer on that particular job, the recruiter can work with you to see where things went wrong, ensuring that you will do better next time.

Above all else, remember that a job search is a process. Even with the most talented financial recruiter in your corner, you are unlikely to nab the first job you interview for. Avoid the temptation to brand the relationship a failure or to lose confidence in the recruiter. Rather, work on building the relationship. Accept the recruiter’s offers to coach you. Throughout the process, you will both get to know each other better. The end result will be a job that suits you to a tee and a trusted advocate that just may end up coming to your aid many times throughout your career.

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