Audit Manager Salaries in Boston MA

Audit managers are in demand in Boston, as they are in many U.S. financial centers.  According to data collected and analyzed at, audit managers working in Boston typically enjoy a higher salary than the average for audit manager job postings nationwide.

Currently, estimates that the average audit manager salary in Boston, Massachusetts is about $84,000 per year.  This number is about 19 percent higher than the nationwide average.  Financial positions with similar salaries in the Boston area include CPA firm auditors ($80,000), accounting manager supervisors ($89,000), and financial analyst managers ($108,000).

Other Compensation for Audit Managers

Because most audit manager positions are full-time, many come with a full benefits package in addition to the base salary.  Benefits available vary by firm, but they may include health care, retirement options, life or other insurance options, and “non-traditional” benefits like flex time.  Audit managers in private organizations tend to receive slightly higher base salaries than audit managers in public or non-profit institutions.

Discussing Salary at Your Audit Manager Interview

When you interview for an audit manager position, you may be asked what salary you expect.  Instead of merely stating the average Boston-area salary, consider creating a range that includes the average, with the low and high ends of the range positioned to take into account your relative experience as an audit manager.  For example, if you are relatively new to the position, your range may trend lower than if you have many years of experience as an audit manager.

When negotiating salary during an interview or job offer, do not forget that your complete compensation package includes more than just a dollar amount.  You may be able to gain more in other benefits, such as flex time or additional office support, than you can gain in salary.  If a work-life balance is among your priorities, bargaining for a better balance may mean more to you than money.

Your recruiter can help you decide how to tackle salary discussions in an interview or job offer, providing more detailed information about average audit manager salaries in the Boston area.

At Daley and Associates, our experienced recruiters can help you find the position you’re looking for in the financial field, whether as an audit manager or another financial professional.  We place financial staff throughout the Northeast.  If you are looking for audit managers jobs in Boston MA, contact us today.

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