Advantages of Using a Financial Recruiter

When you’re looking to hire a financial professional, you may ask yourself why not just post the opening on your website and other job sites around the Internet? After all, you know what you are looking for.  Is it really necessary to enlist the services of a financial recruiter?

While you think you may be able to conduct your own job search, there are definite advantages to bringing the skills of a professional recruiter on board.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you are best served by working with a financial recruiter:

1) Financial recruiters have a deep-seeded expertise that no single hiring manager can claim to possess. Rather than relying on job boards or advertised opening, they network in order to identify the best-qualified individuals, including passive candidates who may not even realize they would be interested in changing jobs – until the recruiter contacts them. They can even offer the option of a confidential search if you don’t want the specific opening to be public knowledge.

2) Effective recruiters spend the time to get to know your company. They develop a thorough understanding of your culture and organizational structure so as to better understand what kind of skills and characteristics would best define the right candidate.

3) Recruiters save you time by pre-qualifying candidates, reviewing scores of resumes, conducting background checks and initial interviews, and presenting three to five qualified candidates for your consideration.  This also boosts the effectiveness of the hiring process, making it more likely the right person will be hired the first time.

4) A good recruiter does double-duty, also serving as an advocate for your brand. While networking with potential candidates, they talk up the selling points of your company and the position, bolstering your “employer of choice” status.

5) An effective recruiter will keep you apprised of broad trends in the financial staffing marketplace that may have an impact not only on your search, but on the future of your business.

6) Once you have interviewed the pre-qualified candidates and determined which one is right for your company, the financial recruiter can negotiate the offer and act as a liaison. They can help iron out any potential issues, such as vacation time, relocation allowance, or salary, increasing the chance that the chosen candidate will accept the offer.

Time is a valuable commodity these days. Your energy is best focused on running your business. By hiring a qualified financial recruiter, you are able to rely on an expert to bring you the kinds of candidates you require, while maintaining your focus on more strategic issues.

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