Company Culture

Our People are Our Business

Corporate culture is key for any business, especially a search and staffing firm. The skills of our employees and their level of engagement directly impact the results we deliver to our clients and candidates. Daley And Associates has been recognized regionally and nationally for the corporate culture we have created. We believe that low turnover, teamwork, and employee recognition are the lifelines to a successful business.

We Value Our Recruiters

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In the search and staffing industry, turnover is a top culprit for customer dissatisfaction as it creates gaping holes in the lines of communication between us and our clients and candidates. We recognize that one of the most valuable assets of a search and staffing firm is its recruiters, and the networks that they have developed; the more established the network, the better resources we can offer our clients and candidates.

We are a Flat Organization

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Daley And Associates is not an “everyman for himself” firm. Unlike many of our competitors, Daley and Associates is a flat organization that emphasizes teamwork. All employees, including the partners and President, Mike Daley, work in a bullpen environment with no individual offices. This open environment fosters creativity; we give feedback, share ideas, and are constantly working to drive business and deliver exceptional results to our clients and candidates.

We attract and Retain the Best People

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To ensure that our employees are consistently motivated, we like to keep the morale high. We have a ton of great traditions to reward our employees for the hard work they consistently put in, from team building activities at the Boston Winery to annual ugly sweater parties; the Daley team always has something to look forward to. We also value longevity, and in an effort say thank you to our employees we make a point of recognizing them for sticking with us for 5 whole years. We celebrate every employee’s 5 year anniversary with the company by getting the whole Daley team together and presenting them with a gift from our management team.

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