5 Secrets to Highly Motivated Finacial Employees

What separates highly-motivated employees from the rest of your staff?  How can a company encourage all of its employees to strive for peak performance?

In any growing business, these questions come into play regularly as supervisors seek to motivate employees to give their best efforts to the business’s goals.  Employees perform at their best when they work in an environment that is conducive to growth.

To create a “growth environment” and motivate employees to achieve their best, consider the following tips:

  1. Evaluate your financial motivators.

Employees in the finance sector are unusually “tuned” to the financial growth of the company and how rewards from that growth are measured and distributed – and for good reason.  Often, the productivity of financial workers is the growth of the company.  Make sure that compensation, bonuses, and other financial rewards are competitive and that employees understand exactly what they have to do to receive them.

  1. Make the path “up the ladder” clear.

As in every area of life, the workplace motivates best when it comes with clear signposts and goals.  Earning a promotion should take effort, but it should not be so difficult that employees become discouraged.   To motivate employees, offer them a clear plan for advancement, and connect with them at least once per year – such as during the annual performance review – to discuss their own plans to earn promotions.

  1. Offer opportunities for professional development.

Top employees constantly seek to expand their skills and knowledge, regardless of their promotion-related goals.  Give employees the chance to take professional development classes and seminars, earn an advanced degree or credential, or to learn and grow professionally in other ways.

  1. Create room for personal growth.

Although every financial firm has its own internal culture, those that motivate their employees best contain some element of personal connection and growth.  Mentoring programs, “open-door” policies, and other plans for fostering communication all allow employees to connect with one another, improving their team performance and motivation.

  1. Be flexible.

“Flexible” career options like telecommuting and flex time can spur employees to get more done even when they can’t be in the office.  Leverage the substantial communication and remote-connection opportunities offered by modern technology to create the kind of flexibility employees need to strike a work-life balance that fosters productivity.

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