4 Workplace Trends for 2015


Industry leaders are constantly implementing new, innovative workplace solutions to maximize their employee and company performance.  Jobs and employment rates are on the rise and the U.S. economy has experienced 50 straight months of payroll growth for the first time, ever.  Today, the job force is collectively a much different environment than ever before and there are many factors that contribute to this.  Each year, Forbes publishes their list of job trends for the upcoming year, but here are the workplace trends that WE expect to see and be most impactful on businesses in 2015.

New Impact Generations

Millennials. They are the most widely talked about group when it comes to the workplace and for the first time, they will be the largest percentage in the work force.  With this shift, companies will see a large jump in the number of millennials holding leadership roles within their organizations.  What does this mean? A shift in management style? A change in company/team dynamic? A widened skills gap? A more collaborative environment?  This shift sure has people talking, but in 2015, we will see this speculation become a reality.  Another group that is creating a lot of buzz is “Generation Z”, or those born between 1994 and 2010.  Large companies have become very invested in cultivating these relationships with high school and young college aged students and monitoring their growth throughout the years.  In a study conducted by Forbes, they found that half of employers are currently accepting high school intern applicants or plan to in 2015. The competitive job market has employers developing brand loyalty from an early age and aim to personally develop these interns at the start of their careers.

Company Culture

Moving away from the traditional interview and resume match, one of the biggest selling points in 2015 for both the employer and employee will be company culture and fit within the organization.  With company’s social media presence ever on the rise, employers are leveraging these culture-related posts and visuals to attract top talent to their group.  Who wouldn’t want to work for the most innovative and interesting company in their industry?  Companies are communicating their culture through social media updates and blogs.  In many roles, especially as we move into 2015, it’ll be more about personality and how you fit within the team compared to past, traditional hiring ways.  A positive work culture and dynamic has been heavily associated with positive performance and greater job satisfaction, creating a strong employee and brand loyalty.

Mobile Conversion

We are virtually always connected with whomever, whenever, and wherever we go.  Our smartphones link together our personal and professional lives (not to mention our wallets, soon enough) and house our strongest network and search needs/capabilities. Companies will have to adapt their websites and information like never before.  In a study by Forbes, they found that 83% of job seekers use their phones for the job search; however, only 20% of Fortune 500 companies have mobile friendly sites.  It will become essential for companies to keep up with these trends moving forward in 2015.  What’s next? Company mobile applications.

Constant Job Search

Are you part of the 86% of employees that are currently looking for work outside of their present role? This has been a trend largely associated with millennials in the past; however, employees of all ages and backgrounds are feeding into this continuous search, and it’s only expected to rise in the new year. In today’s job market, people do not want to settle with a job and are always on the search for a bigger and better move, whether it’s based on compensation, location, culture/perks, and so forth.  With increased technology and the mobile move, this is becoming even easier and more prevalent in the marketplace with 24/7 search and opportunity.