4 LinkedIn Groups for Boston Financial Professionals

LinkedIn remains the primary social media site for professional networking.  Individual users can sign in, create a profile, and connect with others in their industry and profession.  LinkedIn makes it simple to expand your network, learn more about your work, and share information.

Although LinkedIn’s multinational reach can connect professionals throughout the globe, it also offers region- and city-specific forums and networking opportunities.  These include multiple groups for Boston-area financial professionals.

Four of the top LinkedIn groups for financial professionals in the Boston area include:

Boston Financial Professionals

This public LinkedIn group features a basic name, but focused discussion topics.  Its “public” setting allows users to read many of the recent posts before deciding whether or not to join.  “Hot topics” in the LinkedIn Boston Financial Professionals group currently include “How far has artificial intelligence evolved as a tool for creating or implementing trading and investment strategies?”, cyclical or seasonal patterns in the financial markets, and opportunities for free in-person networking events.

Finance Plus: Private Equity, Venture Capital, and M&A News

This LinkedIn group, also public, focuses on the world of private equity, venture capital, and mergers and acquisitions.  Topics like how wealth managers can build a stronger client base, technology concerns, and ideas for launching and managing startups top the current list in this group, which attracts specialized financial experts from throughout the Boston area.

Boston Women in Finance, Inc.

Boston Women in Finance, Inc. offers more than a LinkedIn group, although its presence on the professional social media site is strong.  The organization exists to serve women executives, managers, and other career finance professionals in the Boston area, focusing on finance leadership across industries to build a professional and personal development community.  The group offers both a thriving online community and offline events including panel discussions, speakers, and networking events.  Non-members and men are invited to the group’s “real-world” events.

Boston Young Professionals Association

The Boston Young Professionals Association connects financial professionals with other young professionals in the Boston area.  The group’s definition of “young” is broad, encompassing financial professionals between the ages of 21 and 45 years.  In order to focus its messages on professional development and career news, the group’s rules include bans on personal topics like religion, as well as discussions of non-profit work.

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