4 Life Hacks for Millennial Professionals

The world has a lot to say about millennials, especially millennials in the work place. Depending on what you read, millennials are either the world’s most innovative and optimistic generation, or we are narcissistic, technology dependent, brats. As many of us are settling into our careers and establishing the “professional version” of ourselves, we still have a lot of nay-sayers to prove wrong. Below are a few must-have life hacks for anyone looking to make the transition into the workplace and adulthood a bit smoother.

#1 The Skimm
In any setting, whether it be social or professional, it’s incredibly awkward to find yourself in the midst of an impassioned conversation about a current event and all you can do is think to yourself: “I know I should have an opinion about this, everyone is looking at me like I know what they’re talking about… and I don’t.” Here is a quick-fix to save you from that social hell we have all experienced: The Skimm. If you don’t already subscribe to this free newsletter, you’re missing out. The Skimm provides brief overviews on the world’s most important news stories, and delivers them in an informative and witty voice that will keep you interested. You may think a few sentences wouldn’t be enough to capture complex financial, political, and social issues, but it does, and when you Skimm everyday you have more than enough material to form a solid understanding of the most relevant global debates.

Maybe we don’t always pick up the newspaper anymore, but we still need to know what’s going on in the world. Whether you’re heading to a networking event or small talking with your boss, no one wants to be out of the loop, especially when it comes to the important stuff. Stop rehashing your weekend plans and go out there and drop some serious knowledge. www.theskimm.com You’re welcome.

#2 Signals
How could I write a life hack blog without including a nifty plugin? Signals is a Hubspot plugin that allows you to track your emails and how many times someone has viewed them, what attachments they have viewed in your email, or if they have opened it. Professionally, it’s a great way to track and measure your interaction with both potential business connections and employers. If someone views your email 5 times in an hour, they’re interested; it’s time to pick up the phone. 1 view in 1 week with no response? Time to move on. Millennial professionals do a lot of “testing of the waters” and this is an incredibly useful tool to help you navigate.

#3 Open Yale
As the acclaimed author Oscar Wilde once said, “You can never be over dressed or over educated.” While the first half is debatable (casual Fridays anyone?!) he couldn’t be more accurate in his sentiments regarding education. Once you enter the work force, a lack of time, and lack of finances (looking at you, student loans) often serve as roadblocks to continued education. Although many of us didn’t think it was possible, you really do start to miss being in a classroom after that post-graduation glory wears off.

So for all people who are eternally curious, students at heart, there is Open Yale. Open Yale grants anyone free online access to an array of courses taught by Yale professors. As it states on the Open Yale website, “The aim of the project is to expand access to educational materials for all who wish to learn.” This is not only just a great way to get all nostalgic and feel like a student again, but to learn about subjects you may have neglected while you were in school.

In the professional world, you’re not always prepared for what comes at you next. Chances are there may be an Open Yale course that can give you an advantage and provide you with knowledge that is applicable in your new environment. And if not, then you just got a whole lot smarter. Explore the course offerings at htttp://oyc.yale.edu/courses

#4 Mint
With adulthood comes responsibility, bills, freedom, and anxiety. Mint can help with the bills part. This free app tracks your finances and highlights your spending patterns so you can keep an eye on where all of your money is going. Mint provides pie charts and bar graphs that outline your spending by month and category, and even offers an “advice” section to help you manage your money. Mint will also alert you if you’ve gone over budget in one area or if you account is lower than usual. This app offers millennials that are just starting out a helpful way to see where you spend the most money, so you can try and come up with a more balanced budget. This app will not only help you to make sure you pay your rent on time but will also allow you to set tangible and realistic financial goals.