3 Tips to Improve Your IT Resume

IT imageIt’s an exciting time to be an IT professional! As companies are becoming more digital and the need for network security is increasing, there is a higher demand for skilled technology specialists than ever before. So how can you make sure to get noticed as a top IT professional in this highly competitive industry? Try these three tips to improve your resume and stand out:


1.  Highlight your soft skills

Companies are now emphasizing the importance of candidates’ interpersonal, or soft skills, than ever before. Employers are no longer only interested in employees who can get the job done, but are more concerned with finding someone who can work well and communicate within a team or group atmosphere. In other words, someone who plays nice with others. In a recent survey of 500 IT professionals by Modis, team work and interpersonal skills were ranked as the most challenging soft skill to find in IT candidates. Some companies even expressed that they would rather hire a candidate who is less qualified but has a “better story” over someone who is more qualified.  Highlighting a project or time that demonstrates your ability to work collaboratively will certainly make you stand out from the pack.


2. Education is less relevant than you think

What school you went to is far less important to employers than your relevant work experience. Whether you went to your typical brick and mortar school or you completed your education online, it doesn’t really matter as long as you have the experience and knowledge necessary to be successful in the position. When asked which was more important; education or work experience and certifications, IT professionals agreed that education was far less relevant.


3. Avoid too much lengthy technical detail

Often times the first person to review your resume is not necessarily the one that will be your direct supervisor. Instead, it tends to be someone who is not very technical at all, such as an HR Manager or Recruiter. Yes, you still want to demonstrate your experience and knowledge, but make sure to practice keeping the details succinct and easy to read.


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