3 Google Chrome Extensions for Live Stock Updates

Google’s Chrome browser offers nearly endless options for customizing your user experience through its ever-growing collection of “extensions.”  Included in the collection of extensions are tools that allow Chrome users to access real-time information and updates about stocks, mutual funds, currencies, and more.

Why use an extension?  Although you can visit various websites online for live stock updates, a Chrome extension allows you to keep track of the information you need without having to keep a separate tab or browser open for the purpose.  Extensions are also simple to install and uninstall, putting the information you need at your fingertips.

While Chrome offers a substantial list of extension options, these three regularly come out on top for their accuracy and ease of use:

1.     Stock Tracker

Stock Tracker allows you to select any current stock and watch its price move in real time.  Once installed, the Stock Tracker extension appears as a small icon in the upper-right corner of the browser’s address bar.  To change the stock displayed simply right-click the Stock Tracker icon and select “Options.”

Stock Tracker relies on data from the Google Finance page.  When opened by left-clicking the icon, the extension shows not only the current or most recent stock price, but also a graph charting recent fluctuations in the same price.  You can change the amount of time covered by the graph by clicking any of the options in the “Zoom” list at the top of the open extension window.

2.     Global Index Watch – Stock Prices

Global Index Watch provides global indices, current prices, graphs, and other tools.  The extension allows the user to select from among 34 different countries to view and track the index prices in that country.  By clicking the Global Index Watch icon in the address bar, you can also check an overview of the global indices covered by the extension and their most recent movements.

3.     Wikinvest Portfolio-At-A-Glance

Wikinvest Portfolio-At-A-Glance tracks all your investment accounts with a single click in your Chrome browser.  Once installed and given a list of the holdings you wish to track, the extension appears as an icon in the browser’s address bar, offering a real-time quote of your day’s performance.  To look at more specific information, like how individual stocks or indices are functioning, simply click to open the extension.

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